Rangers FC / Everyone Anyone

Rangers wanted to promote their unwavering stance against unacceptable behaviours both on and off the pitch and establish their renewed commitment to developing a sense of community and togetherness for all fans.

With a global audience watching and the reputation of one of Scotland’s oldest football clubs to preserve, we developed the ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign. Inspired by the lyrics of the Rangers club anthem ‘Follow Follow’, how else to promote the diversity of the club and its fans than to include them in the campaign? Along with my fellow creatives at SeeSaw, we delivered a concept to capture both stakeholders and fans alike, managing relevant photoshoots to accompany our vision and providing our best recommendations to ensure a consistent brand message throughout the campaign.

Following its launch in July, the ‘Everyone Anyone’ campaign has gained positive feedback from fans, club officials and the wider footballing community. A variety of deliverables were required to ensure the successful roll-out of the campaign, including both off and online marketing materials, environmental graphics and creative support throughout both pre and post-campaign, all with the aim of uniting a worldwide fan base.

Project Summary
Visual Identity
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